Providing the trusted experience of an industry leader

With over a decade's experience in our industry, we have amassed a range of customers, and kept them. From some of the world's largest organisations to some of the smallest, we treat all our customers the same way. We look at every project with a fresh perspective and are fully committed to providing the very best service possible. We have a solid track-record of providing our services to banking and finance, gaming, retail, telecommunication, media, technology and defence sectors – customers who demand the highest levels of assurance. Listed below are comments from a selection of our clients.

"The quality of the people at SensePost ensures we have access to the best lateral thinkers in the security industry. As well as providing superior technical skills they are always willing to do something unique along the way."
"SensePost spent several pro bono hours with the M&G team tracking down the route of attack so that it could be closed down."
"The HBN Training course from SensePost was one of the best I have ever followed. Their courses are of a premier standard and merit the highest recommendation."