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Wed, 21 Dec 2011

The first one...

My name is Kabelo Ramtse, a second year engineering student at the University Of Cape Town. Today is the last day of my internship which ran for four weeks during my December vacation at the Cape Town office.

Internships are a new idea at SensePost aimed at students and are intended to give them exposure to the information security industry. I am the first person to take part in the program.

My main responsibility was to chronologically order, summarize and upload past SensePost presentations. The presentations are available here. The presentations Setiri and Breaking the bank are two of my favorites. Reading through the presentations taught me alot about information security and made me even more keen to increase my knowledge in this field. Meeting the big boss and getting mini lectures from Marco was cool.

Tomorrow I fly home to Jo'burg to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Tue, 4 Sep 2007

Awesome data visualization stuff...

Steven Murdoch over at lightbluetouchpaper did an investigation into the Privila internship program.. What was also cool however was that he threw together a quick visualization of the data

Moving graphs are always cool, and the fact that he got it together so quickly was impressive.. a quick check shows that he used the Prefuse toolkit which is a totally BSD lic. visualization toolkit that looks simple to use with some awesome examples..

Incidentally.. the surfing also led me to Vizster, a visualization tool for online networks..

Check out the video.. considering it was done in 05.. its pretty awesome..