Presentations, Seminars and Conferences

BotConf - December 2013 - Paris, France

Etienne will be presenting his Masters thesis research on 'Spatial Statistics as a Metric for Detecting Botnet C2 Servers', which examines the use of spatial autocorrelation techniques based on the geographic distribution of domain servers to detect Fast-Flux domains. For more information about Etienne's talk, please click here

Blackhat - November 2013 - Sao Paolo, Brasil

Whilst Glenn is presenting Snoopy version 2, Daniel will be delivering the same talk at Blackhat Brasil. In addition, he will also be teaching a workshop titled 'Fun and Games with OSINT', which takes attendees through four steps that modern attackers are using in order to bypass network protection devices and exfiltrate sensitive data. For more information about Daniel's talk, please click here:

Zero Nights - November 2013 - Moscow, Russia

Glenn will be presenting on our progress with Snoopy and the major changes that have been made to the framework, in his “The Machines that Betrayed their Masters” talk. In addition, Vladislav will be presenting his talk “When Documents Bite” on his research into seemingly safe file formats being used as an effective method for delivering payloads. For more information about Glenn and Vlad's talks, please click here

NoCon Name - November 2013 - Barcelona, Spain

Inaki Rodriguez will be presenting at NoConName on his research on the Cuckoo Sandbox, an automated malware analysis toolset and approaches to preventing malware from detecting it is being run in a sandbox. For more information about Inaki's talk, please click here:

44Con - September 2013 - London, United Kingdom,

After the success of our Snoppy talk in 2012, SensePost will again be presenting at this years 44Con. Behrang and Sahand will be talking about 'Honey I'm Home!! - Hacking Z-Wave Home Automation systems'. In addition, we will be delivering our brand new [Hacking by Numbers Mobile course]($ which shows how to really test mobile applications for vulnerabilities.

BlackHat USA - 27th July until August 01 Las Vegas

Black Hat USA 2013 brings together the best minds in security to define tomorrow's information security landscape. Featuring many new tracks and new training sessions, Black Hat USA is the biggest and best conference to date. SensePost will again be delivering our Hacking By Numbers courses, for further information on what courses are on offer and what to expect, please visit this link