Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we do business. Location based services; social networking; mobile commerce, payment, video, email, instant messaging, search; context aware and object recognition continue to drive the trend forward as they enable business.

Most businesses are making effective use of mobile devices, such as smartphones, notebooks, laptops, tablets, palmtops, PDAs and pocket PCs as a means to communicate and distribute accurate and timely information. Many are also taking advantage of the technology and developing mobile applications and websites, or porting old applications to work with them. With valuable, personally identifiable information (PII), credit card and other sensitive data at serious risk of theft, sabotage, exploitation and manipulation you need confidence that your technology can be safeguarded from the latest mobile threats.

Through our Mobile Assessments we can protect you from the full range of mobile security threats. Our highly skilled consultants will analyse all the key components of your mobile environment, including architecture and configuration, points of access, and the code itself. We adopt comprehensive, standardised methodologies that combine automated scanning tools, customised proprietary scripts and manual techniques; and test for exploits that could allow a compromise.

We deliver:

  • A detailed report for your Executive, Management and Technical audiences
  • Identification of good practices found in the environment along with weaknesses
  • Prioritized results sorted by severity of risk
  • Vulnerabilities reported against CVSS2, the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25
  • Recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities and reduce your risks based on best practice, our experience and your unique business requirements
  • Guidance on ways to ensure compliance with regulations and industry mandates
  • Briefing session with your chosen team to guarantee understanding