To some it's just a game, but to others it's business. Malicious attackers are out there scanning the network, endlessly looking for weak security controls, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Spying on wireless communications, stealing highly sensitive corporate data, gaining access to critical systems and attacking other users are all part of a day's work for some attackers.

Through our Wireless Security Assessments we will locate all access points and rogue devices and analyse the vulnerabilities that could result in a compromise. Often these relate to device configuration errors, out-dated patching, policy and architecture design.

We deliver:

  • A detailed report for your Executive, Management and Technical audiences
  • Identification of good practices found in the environment along with weaknesses
  • Prioritized results sorted by severity of risk
  • Vulnerabilities reported against CVSS2, the OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25
  • Recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities and reduce your risks based on best practice, our experience and your unique business requirements
  • Guidance on ways to ensure compliance with regulations and industry mandates
  • Briefing session with your chosen team to guarantee understanding