Security Training

Continual learning and investment

The world of IT Security is dynamic and ever changing. Keeping up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques for identifying and analysing vulnerabilities and knowing how to develop secure systems is oftentimes consuming and hard work. To address this, SensePost offers a number of practical courses known collectively as Hacking By Numbers (HBN) to keep you and your team's skills current. We are renown for the quality of our courses having trained at many conferences all over the world, including at BlackHat for the past decade.

Courses exist for software developers, auditors, penetration testers, government agents and those who are responsible for managing information security. By using world-class, highly skilled penetration testing and security assessment consultants who are also proficient in training, we are able to draw on our extensive real-world experiences and provide a range of courses for competent penetration testers through to newcomers entering the field. Our courses are delivered either online or on site, at your premises or at our local training centres across the world. Standard or tailored courses are always available. CPE credits are obtainable.