Internet Perimeter Vulnerability Scanning

Our Internet Perimeter Vulnerability Scanning service offers continuous or on-demand vulnerability scanning of your servers, workstations, network devices and peripherals such as printers and scanners connected to the internal LAN or WAN environment. This is an automated security scanner developed by SensePost that monitors your Internet-facing infrastructure. Its continuous, repetitive vulnerability scans immediately detect new threats that arise when client configurations change or when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Full vulnerability reports detail all the issues found on the target systems, as well as information on how the problem can be verified and what remediation action is required. Reports are generated on a daily basis describing only new issues found from that day's scans.

We provide a comprehensive support service around the vulnerability scanner to ensure you fully understand the findings and associated implications within the context of the report. In addition to the automated scans you may request at any time, we manually oversee the execution of each scan and oversee the findings in the report to verify their accuracy. Moreover, our experienced consultants are available on a business-hours basis to field any queries and provide support around scanner output.