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With 20 years of research-lead innovation and exceptional customer service.


If you're looking for assurance that your business, applications and networks are secure, our assessment services can help. Backed by a senior team, 20-year track record and research-lead innovation.

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Cyber-security skills are rare, we can help train your teams. With a curriculum designed to go from novice to expert we can help your developers, managers, penetration testers and others who need to understand cyber gain the skills necessary.

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We can help you implement or scale your vulnerability management, threat detection or other efforts with our managed security services.

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Arm yourself with cybersecurity tools

Our hacking training courses have taught thousands of students about the art of offensive and defensive approaches. Understand how hackers think, the tools, tactics and techniques they use. Our course presents technical skills and basic concepts required to those desiring a foundation in the world of information security.

Hands on Hacking Fundamentals

Web Application Hacking

Infrastructure Hacking

Introduction to Red Teaming

Unplugged; Modern WiFi Hacking

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For over 20 years SensePost'ers have been digging into the new or underexplored and sharing their research and tools.

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