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"Hacking is serious business- SensePost represents our profession with raw ability, humility, creativity, and unmistakable charm."
Trey Ford
Blackhat Review Board


We are experts in all aspects of security assessment, training and vulnerability management.

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We offer a number of practical courses to keep you and your team's skills current.

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A bit more about us

We participate in various presentations, seminars and conferences and have released multiple security tools. Our team is ever-expanding and we have numerous publications and articles concerning security.

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If it runs on a computer, we could probably hack it. Secure your business by getting great hackers to find the issues before others do.

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What we can do for you

For 15 years, we’ve been obsessed with security. We'll bring this obsession to help you find the ways of gaining access to your most valuable assets.


How will you and your infrastructure cope when attacked?

Our expertise and passion involves infiltrating networks and applications for our customers, so that they understand what an attack feels like and also how they should act. Is it your time?

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Is there such a thing as being secure on the Internet?

Hacking isn’t just about breaking systems, it’s about being flexible and thinking on your feet. Let our consultants be the strange peg for your specific situation. We can work with you to come up with novel and effective approaches for many sorts of security problems.

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Education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world

Our Hacking by Numbers courses are legendary, and that’s not just our opinion. Since 2000, over 5000 people have attended our courses worldwide, learning how to protect their digital assets by breaking into them like attackers would.

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Threat Intelligence

Are you drowing in false positives?

Contact us to learn why we're investing in drawing pictures, and why you should too.

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Managed Vulnerabilty Scanning

Are you drowing in false positives?

The SensePost Scanning Service is a managed security service with an aim to apply intelligence to the art of vulnerability scanning. We are able to cut through the false positives and present you with a more realistic risk view of your applications and networks.

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Incident Triage

Security breaches occur in the most well-managed and protected environments

When the worst happens it is your response under the circumstances that can determine the relative impact of the incident. To make the right decisions under pressure you want to have expert advice that you can rely upon.

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Threat Intelligence
SensePost Scanning
Incident Triage

The Mobile course offered by SensePost is a must for anyone involved in mobile security looking to sharpen their skills!

Jeffrey Blane
SensePost Student
Graduated 2014

Member of the SecureData Group



with greater intelligence

SecureData specialises in cybersecurity. We provide a range of integrated solutions that assess risk, detect security breaches, protect our customers and help them respond to security incidents. These solutions are driven by our unique greater intelligence platform and supported by internationally recognised cybersecurity specialists.