Continual learning and investment

We enjoy looking at devices, networks and applications (including mobile) for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Let us tear apart your product to see what risks you might be exposing yourself to when it goes live.

SensePost Academy

Fancy a career as a hacker?

Our academy is a combination of basic technical & offensive attack approaches and client interaction skills that provide an excellent stepping stone for those looking at starting a career as a penetration tester.


Hacker [hak-er]

Noun. a person or thing that hacks. a person who circumvents security and breaks into a network, computer, file, etc.

Scanning Technical Manager

The SensePost Scanning Service scans over 12000 IP’s a week for common vulnerabilities. From networks, to applications, our clients rely on Scanning to provide peace of mind by prioritising the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to their organisation.

Our Scanning service is a fully supported service and designed for enterprise users. Requiring no client software and accessible from any location via a powerful and easy-to-use web interface, Scanning deploys a collection of specialised scanners to discover and analyse vulnerabilities across all the different components of a network. The Scanning service scanners consist of three distinct components: an Internet vulnerability scanner, a PCI accredited scanner and an internal vulnerability scanner.

We are looking for a technical manager/analyst, based in Pretoria South Africa, to assist with servicing our Scanning clients and assist with delivery to ensure expectations are met in accordance with SensePost standards.

Information Security Threat Analyst

We need you to analyse the threats.

Our Intelligence service team is growing and we are looking for a Threat Analyst to join us. Not only is the working environment pretty cool, the work you'll be doing means you'll be learning a lot and also working with some really smart people who are happy to share what they know. We also have great coffee.

This role is perfect for that person who literally gets excited about the thought of unpacking an attack, figuring out how they achieved what they did and then taking that information and creating practical defence guides and advice for our clients.