SensePost is SecureData’s independent elite consulting arm, renowned for its expertise, 19 year track record and innovation on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

With team members that include some of the world’s most preeminent cybersecurity experts, SensePost has helped governments and blue-chip companies both review and protect their information security and stay ahead of evolving threats.

SensePost is also a prolific publisher of leading research articles and tools on cybersecurity which are widely recognised and used throughout the industry and feature regularly at industry conferences including BlackHat and DefCon.

Security Focuses - November 2015

The Science Museum, London.

Stop cyber threats in their tracks with data-driven security intelligence and strategy. If you’re responsible for security, risk or compliance, this is a must-attend event.

Experience the power of data-driven cybersecurity and what it can do for your organisation

SensePost, along with our sister company SecureData, will be hosting an event at the amazing Science Museum, in London, on the 12th November. There will be an outstanding line up of expert speakers that will take you far beyond the usual hype and hysteria surrounding data-driven intelligence.

We'll show why intelligent security offers huge advantages in a world where sophisticated threats, disruptive technologies and a shortage of expertise are the new normal. We'll then turn to the practical reality as a high-profile SecureData customer reveals how they already using threat intelligence to revolutionise its security posture, effect organisational change and embed a true culture of security.

From a SensePost side, we are showing how recent Dridex/Citadel campaigns against British users operate and how the malware works. No theatrics, real-world malware as used by criminals to infiltrate companies and steal money. Finally, Charl van der Walt will examine emerging attack trends, the evolution of tomorrow's security threats and how your business can better protect itself today.

Take a look at the complete agenda to learn more about all the expert presentations happening at Security Focuses 2015, and register now to guarantee your place.