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TTP and Infrastructure Hacking in South Africa!! - June 2017

TTP and Infrastructure Hacking in South Africa!! - June 2017

We`ve trained all over the world and it`s high time we headed back home to give two of our most popular courses (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and Infrastructure Hacking) to our ZA family

Since 2001, SensePost has been training all over this planet, delivering world-class training to thousands of students from network administrators, fellow hackers, Nation State and Law Enforcement. We've not offered South African training in a while and we felt this had to change. In June this year, we are offering two of our amazing Offensive courses to South Africans looking to learn more about hacking. Our courses don't rely on YouTube videos or give you handouts when the content couldn't be fitted into the alloted time. They are a blend of Instructur-led and physically doing the lab yourself against your own custom training environment. This training environment, which is unique to SensePost, has seen extensive development to ensure the training simulation is as real as possible and also your own, so you need not worry about others ruining your day.

The courses currently on offer in Pretoria this year are:

As mentioned above, the training portal that will be made available to all students before they attend the course. This portal allows you to register an account and gain access to the slides used and any prerequisite information we feel would help you get the best out of this course.
All content for the course, including tools required and instructions to configure your environment, will be made available via the training portal before you start, which means less time setting up and more time for learning.
Access to this portal will not stop once the course has finished, allowing you to continue learning in the weeks/months after attending the course.

If you wish to attend, drop us a note via our contact us page here