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We enjoy looking at devices, networks and applications (including mobile) for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Let us tear apart your product to see what risks you might be exposing yourself to when it goes live.

SensePost Maltego Toolset

  • Cost: Free

The SensePost Toolset consists of numerous transforms and mini-sets of transforms. This includes OSINT, language translation, twitter monitoring, Spotify, and footprinting capabilities.

Transform List


The GHCQ LovelyHorses program allowed the monitoring of certain 'hacker' Twitter handles. This transform set includes Paterva's LovelyHorse Machine, and transforms to manage your own horse (Twitter account) list. Contact us for the Pro version which includes notifications, and other enhancements.

Yandex Translation

Theses transforms allow translation between any (almost) two languages. For example, tranlating a Tweet from Arabic to English, or a phrase from Spanish to French. Powered by Yandex.Translate


Spotify is a music streaming service with an API. These transforms allow the exploration of music by artist, album, etc. We'll add functionality to explore your own music collection soon.


A set of footprinting transforms - find out as much as possible about a company's online presence!

Transforms to explore WiFi location data! Be sure to create an account on and support their project.


It's difficult to visually explore email. For example, given three users inboxes how can we determine who they all contact the most? Or the most common subject line, or country of domain destination? Mailtego can show you how!


These transforms allow you to use Skype as a source of OSINT. With over 70 million active members and over 500 million users that have registered, Skype remains a key source for investigations. As with all things online, many users leak sensitive information about themselves that those with the right skills, could harvest. Search for “Names” “Aliases” and “Email Addresses” and order by their location.