Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Having trained thousands of students on the art of network and application exploitation for the past decade, it's safe to say we enjoy teaching others how to own networks and applications. Our courses are developed from the work we perform for clients, so that you get a better understanding of how to exploit real-world scenarios.

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Hackers

Too often, beginner courses assume an already high level of skill and understanding of the subject matter being taught. This course is different in that we start with no assumption, rather getting you ready to learn how attackers compromise targets, as well as ensuring you get to do the same thing. As the title suggests, it provides an ideal training ground for our other SensePost Training courses, further self-study, or other hacking courses.


Targeting and owning internal networks is as popular as it has ever been. Internal networks are attractive to attackers as they are often the least secure of a companies infrastructure. This course mimics what attackers and criminals are doing - compromising networks and hunting down key players and information.


We love owning the application layer and this course reflects that. We want to take students on a path of obtaining offensive security knowledge in the application realm. This course is meant for those who are new to penetration testing, network administrators or indeed anyone who wants to understand more about offensive testing and get their hands dirty breaking into various networks and applications.


This course is all about owning Wi-Fi networks and technologies. In the past few years we've released tools such as Snoopy and MANA, that look at how wireless networks are being used and how they can be exploited.


This course will give you insight and practical window into the methods used when attacking mobile platforms. This course is ideal for penetration testers who are new to the mobile area and need to understand how to analyze and audit applications on various mobile platforms using a variety of tools and platforms. Our mobile course uses a mixture of lectures, hands-on-labs, demonstrations, and group exercises.


There’s a web application for most parts of our Internet lives and to a degree, our daily lives. With this large surface area, there’s no doubt that they are often the entry point for most breaches. If you look at some of the biggest hacks in the last 18 months, the compromises can be largely attributed to flaws in a web applications.


Our Master course is aimed at existing penetration testers and people with a solid and technical understanding of penetration testing tools and techniques. Using Nmap, metasploit and getting a webshell should not be new concepts.


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is publicly available information including radio, television, newspapers, journals, the Internet, commercial databases, videos, graphics, and drawings. We can mine and correlate this information to profile a person or company in order to find or track an individual, look for affiliations or look for relationships between people or companies.