What we can do for you

In-depth & objective views

We enjoy looking at devices, networks and applications (including mobile) for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Let us tear apart your product to see what risks you might be exposing yourself to when it goes live.

Detection Services

Major company breaches are common place today. A systematic approach to assessments of your infrastructure is ideal to uncover any risks you might be unaware of.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

If you don’t know where your organisation is vulnerable, you can’t defend it effectively. To stay secure, it’s crucial to find and eliminate security weaknesses before cybercriminals can exploit them. Unfortunately, ever-changing systems, services, applications and threats mean that new vulnerabilities are constantly being created inside your business. To keep pace, vulnerability scanning must be an on-going process.

Managed Compliance Monitoring

Compliance failures can seriously endanger your organisation’s revenues and reputation. However, it’s also extremely challenging to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing legislation, Our Managed Compliance Monitoring service overcomes these challenges, alerting firms to relevant, compliance-breaching changes or events across their entire IT estate in real-time.

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Managed Hosted SIEM

For organisations requiring log collection and storage, our Managed Hosted SIEM service collects, classifies and aggregates events and archives these in our UK-based datacentres for up to 1 year. Historical data can be made available on request to aid the customer’s investigations into incidents.

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Managed Threat Detection

Detecting today’s most advanced threats is an enormous challenge that demands scarce and costly expertise, as well as the right processes and technologies. Most organisations simply don’t have the resources, funds, or skills to make this a reality. Our Managed Threat Detection service takes care of this heavy-lifting.

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Managed Threat Hunting

Managed Threat Hunting involves an iterative loop of correlating seemingly unlinked events received from network and security devices against open-source and ‘dark-web’ threat intelligence sources, proprietary knowledge gained during penetration tests or security assessments, ongoing research into the broader threat landscape and intimate awareness of the latest tactics, techniques and procedures being used by malicious actors.

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Managed Advanced Threat Hunting

Managed Advanced Threat Hunting applies the ongoing supervision of a customer’s estate by a dedicated security consultant through regular reviews of service performance, notable events and developments, trends, priorities & benchmarking – enhancing our Managed Threat Hunting service.

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Threat Advisories

You can’t keep pace with today’s crowded and ever-changing threat landscape alone. Our expert analysts constantly monitor evolving risks to sift out the threats that pose a real and present danger to your business. Threat Advisories arm you with expert insights into the most relevant and serious cyber risks on the horizon in an easy-to-digest visual format, enabling you to eliminate critical vulnerabilities before they impact your business.

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