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In-depth & objective views

We enjoy looking at devices, networks and applications (including mobile) for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Let us tear apart your product to see what risks you might be exposing yourself to when it goes live.

Proactive Services

Having spent over a decade breaking into most targets, we have a very good understanding of what it takes to make them more robust and secure.

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are an essential first line of defence, but they can pose real risks to business-as-usual when not managed correctly - potentially giving attackers opportunities and severing crucial communications with customers, suppliers and partners. Our Managed Firewall service solves these challenges, better defending critical assets and helping to ensure continuous uptime and availability.

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Managed Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewalls consolidate many powerful security capabilities, but this also exacerbates their need for expert management, monitoring and configuration. Our service provides access to essential Firewall expertise, with around-the-clock support that strengthens security, makes the most of market-leading technologies and frees staff to prioritise other business goals.

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Managed IDS/IPS

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) can protect against today’s most dynamic and sophisticated threats, but the technology alone isn’t enough - it must be tailored to the business environment, closely monitored and rigorously updated. Our Managed IPS service solves these challenges, expertly configuring appliances to better defend critical assets, maintain availability and ensure compliance.

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Managed DDoS

Any organisation relying on its online presence or public-facing infrastructure must defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can interrupt business-critical services and act as a smokescreen for other attacks. Our Managed DDoS service delivers the resources and expertise to absorb even the most severe attacks and maintain the best possible security and availability.

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Managed Application Delivery

As more and more applications become business-critical, it’s essential to safeguard availability and peak performance. Our fully-managed service keeps business applications constantly available and highly resilient, with traffic redirected based on location, load and server responsiveness to ensure outstanding performance for all users.

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Managed Application Security

Applications are the lifeblood of most organisations, but they're also a major security concern with hackers targeting them in increasingly sophisticated ways. Combining multiple security technologies with the ability to inspect traffic for malicious content, our service comprehensively safeguards application security, availability and performance around-the-clock.

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Managed Remote Access, Identity & Access

Remote access has become a business-critical capability for most organisations, making it essential to ensure both availability and security. Our service maximises business continuity by delivering fast and secure connectivity with built-in user authentication, device posture checking and data encryption to ensure organisations remain safe and productive at all times.

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Managed Web Content Security

Poorly managed web content security leaves firms more vulnerable to Internet-based attacks and can disrupt access to essential online resources, negatively impacting the user experience. By combining scarce expertise with seamless management and monitoring, our service ensures web content filtering is always perfectly configured and fully supporting business needs.

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Managed Two Factor Authentication

From shoulder surfing to keylogging software, static usernames and passwords can be compromised all too easily. As unstoppable digitalisation hurls us towards an online, mobile and application-centric world, two-factor authentication is essential to ensure only authorised users are accessing business-critical systems, services and data.

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Managed Web Application Firewall

Web applications have become business-critical, but they're also a prime target for malicious attacks. By transferring complex and time-consuming Web Application Firewall management to our expert team, our service ensures flawless application security while reducing operational costs, with policies continuously monitored, configured and updated by specialists.

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