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Twitter killed the (infosec) Blogging Star ?

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Like it, hate it or just plain struggling to understand it, Twitter has made a huge impact across a wide range of fields. We use it fairly heavily internally for simulated water-cooler chatter and quick link-exchange. (like any piece of sp-geek-over-engineering we also have a tweet-bot to convert tweets to emails, and convert blog notifications to tweets). It’s pretty clear though, that once we started tweeting internally, people started blogging less. There’s something liberating about saying “here’s a link”, as opposed to taking the time to formulate your thoughts into a full blown posting.

We were curious if this twitter-effect was real, imaginary or only applicable to lazy people like us.. Thanks to python-twitter and a few lines of script we can look at the the blogging habits of some info-sec superstars (and maybe confuse correlation and causation to jump to conclusions while we at it).

Hmm.. maybe its not just us!


PS. SensePoster’s who tweet (albeit infrequently) can be found at:

PPS. We wanted to, but skipped the following:

  • @DinoDaiZovi (Dino dai Zovi) (Started blogging and tweeting at roughly the same time)
  • @Dakami (Dan Kaminsky) (Doxpara is currently down)
  • @tqbf (Tom Ptacek) (Matasano blog history is incomplete)