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Pfortner calls on SensePost expertise to validate their security posture

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Pretoria South Africa — SensePost, a leader in penetration testing and information security services, announced today that Pfortner had called on their expertise to validate their encryption services in South Africa. With the financial services sector in South Africa being deeply competitive, Pfortner needed to provide a high-level of assurance for their clients as to the security of their encryption service. As a standard requirement Pfortner clients have to be totally confident in the security of their service before any further engagement.

Aubrey Swanepoel, Managing Director of Pfortner says, “The Pfortner brand depends on the absolute integrity and security of the services we offer. We needed much more than a tick in the box audit exercise. We needed total confidence that our services would meet the highest security standards as our financial services clients launched our encryption service.”

SensePost tested the service over a number of weeks and used a combination of manual and automated tests with proven, structured methodologies. Testing combined both structured and intuitive testing patterns to ensure a thorough investigation of the environment.

Swanepoel, comments, “SensePost took the time to explain the risks and mitigations to our development and IT teams, and debunked the myth of the super hacker not being able to help mere mortals.” When asked about the greatest benefit, he declared, “The greatest benefit to our business from using SensePost is to our business brand and reputation. The association aligns Pfortner with the market leader and strengthens our value proposition as a company focused on IT Security. There was an immediate response to this program’s completion with long waiting orders closing instantly and an additional 35% direct increase in

Charl van der Walt, Managing Director for SensePost said, “I am delighted by the result of this assessment particularly the tangible results that can be seen from it. IT Security is so often viewed as a business expense, whereas here, through effective monitoring and analysis, it is clearly positioned as a business enabler. Not only is this a win for Pfortner, but it is also a win for many IT Security budget holders who regularly struggle to get buy in from their Board.”