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Adventures while moving… (Part II)

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Ok.. so we have an outside gate type thing that leads to our garden. Since we would probably get to the gate at random points of the day / week we figured a combination lock would make sense. Now i know that combination locks traditionally have a pretty small keyspace, and have a horrible reputation so i asked Deels to make sure she got one with at least 4 digits, and had a good name behind it..

So.. with R140 worth of VIRO lock we made our way home.. i set a combination and started fiddling while driving.. Turns out the exact same principles used for lockpicking work ferpectly here too. Apply some downward pressure on the lock, turn the dials (ive always done it in order) and you would find that either the audible click on the correct digit is louder or the dial simply sticks on the correct digit (or a combination of both).


I have it down now so i can open the lock in about as long as it would take to pick it (sub 10 seconds consistantly with “blind testing”*)

Ahh well.. maybe we should just tie a piece of string.. might take longer to cut through!

* blind testing == me closing my eyes while deels sets a new combination :>