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First IBM announced their interest in Watchfire, and now HP announces their interest in SPI Dynamics. “Consolidation in the industry” is one of those horrible phrases that are always bandied about because it makes people seem analytical and fore-casty, but i think its pretty clear that there are stirrings in buyout land right now.. I guess it bodes well for WhiteHatSec and similar folks.. they surely have to be on the radar..

Talking of buyouts, its always been strange for me that CORE have managed to go by as long as they have without being purchased. Their technical roots being in Argentina might have explained it for a little while, but a whole bunch of years later.. i dont get it.. (Having said that, i must add the caveat that i am talking completely through my ear since im pretty sure they would have been approached often enough and could simply have been rejecting offers waiting for the right match..)

Its hardly bubble 2.0, and we not seeing insane ShuttleWorth’esque money being thrown about, but there is definitely a rumbling again, and a whole bunch of people are looking at the Application Security market going “Theres gold in them thar hills…”