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BlackHat, DefCon, Las Vegas

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Ok.. so the 2nd plane with SensePost’ers has touched down in LasVegas and the first cheeze-pizza from the caesars food court has been consumed.. So little changes in caesars that it always adds to the surreal feeling that lasts for the entire stay..

We will be in the training rooms over the weekend, and during the week, and will then give our bh-talk, before moving to defcon for the talk there..

in between, as usual its a chance to meet old friends, make new ones and get sun-burnt! Grab us if you see us, and we can grab coffee/beer/chocolate-milk..

I’d like to promise that we will blog interesting talks.. but in the normal blackhat/defcon madness, it will probably only happen when we get back home.. instead i promise to try, so watch this space (always wanted to say that!)