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CSI Corporate Threat Modeling Talk

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Whew. After much last-minute war with PPT C# and ORM our slides and
Beta 1.0 of our tool are available on our research site. I think the slides are pretty neat,
and I’m *very* excited about the tool, but unfortunately we didn’t
get as far with the latter as we’d hoped to. Still, it illustrates
the concept pretty nicely and its built pretty solid (thanks James)
so it should grow quickly from here.

Here’s a list of planned changes for 0.2. If you play with the tool
you’ll know what I mean.

1. Double-click for Test relevance (done)

2. Delete items from trees

3. And from mappings

4. Report

5. Drag and drop within trees – to move items from one parent to another

6. Parameter inheritance from parent to children

7. Target node should be highlit during drag-and-drop

8. Add ‘value’ parameter to ‘Interface’

9. Add recommendations tab

10. Add english ‘language’ to weights, instead of just numbers

11. A query frame for each tab – so you can see where you are…