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Do you group your passwords?

Reading time ~1 min

This has probably been pondered, but something occurred to me whilst entering my new home.. The guard house grants access based on your fingerprint. The system works pretty sweetly..

Now.. because i have about a zillion accounts, i kinda group my passwords.. since i know services admins on most irc networks read your password, i use XXX for low level access (this might include try once trial software logins).

Slightly more reliable software logins (vmware page / ms partner page) i will use YYY.. i think most people do this..

Whats interesting is that biometric readers deny us this luxury.. So, while my complex thinks its cute.. they take my reading and store it on their win95 machine (clearly i exagerate) but if Internet Banking ever goes biometric (which it often threatens to do) i’ve just given away my login.. Can you tell someone “no.. i dont want to auth using biometrics, cause its the only finger i got!” i think maybe we should..