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Late BlackHat Update..

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ok.. so im in my room finally catching up on sleep (or will be in a few minutes) while most people are finishing Microsofts booze at the PURE microsoft party.. BlackHat is over, which means tomorrow we are off to the riviera for defcon..

Marco and i got a lot of positive feedback from our talk, including from guys like rob auger of wasc fame and andrew bortz who we quote in our paper, so it was pretty cool.. all our demos went of smoothly (where one of them was using javascript (and timing) to create a distributed brute-forcing tool, which had every opportunity to go south) so we were happy..

Most of the SensePost’ers have been making notes so they can blog on talks they attended.. this will filter through in the next few days.. I caught the Erratasec talk this morning, and have a few thoughts, but ill wait till i have time to actually comment properly..

Last night we found a patch of parking lot to have the first SensePost vs. BlackHat crew (.za vs USA?) Soccer/Football game.. We started off being kicked outa the Palace Ballroom and ended up on a patch of ground outside but it ended up being awesome.. Ultimately, Bradley, Charl, Marco, Nick and I ended up taking on Grifter, DedHed, Joe Grand, Dave, and Chris(?)  while j0hnny long was official photographer..

It was all around awesomeness and probably the most fun i personally had in vegas in a while..

We promised to upload one of the tools we demo’d during the talk, so ill do that in a few minutes..