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SensePost, now a company of SecureData…

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For those of you haven’t yet seen, the J.S.E listed SecureData bought 100% of the shares in SensePost late last week.. We have had many offers over the past few years and while the money was generally good, the fit was not.. We believe we found this fit with SecureData (formerly ERP.com) as an independent company within the SecureData stable.

The deal changes very little operationally for SensePost, with all management and directors staying exactly where we are.. We wont be moving offices (and i still wont be wearing a suit any time soon!). Our independence remains and we will remain product agnostic. (if anything it will now mean that we will get a bunch of kit to break from/for SecureData :> ) Our reports remain privileged information between us and our clients, and our advice like always will be whatever we believe is in the customers best interests.. Both SensePost and SecureData believe that this impartiality is important and we would not be going forward with the deal without this being agreed on in spirit and on paper..

SensePost effectively gets the financial security of a listed bigger brother, access to a wider support team and more opportunities to focus on work that truly pushes the envelope while SecureData inherits a team with fanatical devotion to both info-sec and excellence.. Its exciting, and we have much leetness in store..