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The proof of the pudding ?

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Royal pingdom did a quick check on what was running at some of the more popular sites on the Internet and end up with the following table:


Its intersting for a whole bunch of reasons that im currently too sleep y to write about.. (sleepy??? must be old age?)(or the flu pills im taking)

The first thing that was interesting to me was the suprising lack of BSD ? i like linux and have used it as a desktop machine forever (before becoming a macfanboy) but have always defaulted to FreeBSD for servers.. im not sure what this means and ill do a little netcraft digging tomorrow to see if its a general trend..

(its also interesting that there is no mention of SUN? (i guess these days they could be represented by the windows machines.. but thats another rant for another day))

Its interesting how often the argument has been used that “Microsoft desktops attract more attention because of their marketshare” while the same argument has been cunningly avoided in the web-server space..

i dont doubt that IIS today is every bit as serious about security as Apache is, but it wasnt always so.. and its interesting that the “un-biased analysts” were all pointing the other way while Microsoft was playing catchup..