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Web Mashups point and click style (open invite for Sammy v2.0) ?

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[Yahoo pipes] looks like an awesome way for even non-programmers to create web mashups trivially. Aside from the fact that its interface is super-cool, it brings an interesting dimension to next gen web attacks. (Google Video on Pipes by Pipes developers).

pdp has already covered pipes in his OWASP talk where he used it to re-write a jikto equiv. in almost-0 lines of code, along with a tinyurl filesystem. pdp also mentions Dapper, which i have not checked out till now, but looks like fun waiting to happen too..
In all the services look leet, and look like a cool way to get “unification” going for browser attacks*. Check them out, the possibilities for evil’ness should start running through your head from click 1.


* evil thoughts aside, the services offer cool hack possibilities like Al-Jazeera News networks news-2sms-service courtesy of twitter and some quick pipes..