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2 Winning quotes..

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from the SourceBoston videos i blogged about:

Dr Geer never dissapoints, and kicked it off with the 4 rules on his office wall:

  1. Work like hell,
  2. Share all you know,
  3. Abide by your handshake,
  4. Have fun.

If he mentioned anything about foosball or pool.. i woulda sworn blind he was talking about SensePost!

The 2nd quote that was awesome, (during the interview with the l0pht members) was from Dildog.. ex-l0pht, ex-@stake, now Veracodes chief scientist.. The discussion turned to “security companies and snake oil”, and the fact that dildog was a “vendor” again.. With a dry smile that could have been at home in a john cleese movie, he replies:

*nod*..  this time with feeling!

This was a bit of a catchphrase in our office a few years back, after a QA process kicked back a report to an analyst with those words: “once more with feeling…”. The difference between someone going through the motions, and someone doing it with feeling is marked… and i cant imagine why anyone would do it any other way..