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Enter Google Chrome…

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Google have thrown their hat in the browser-ring, which many have predicted. [Chrome]  should be coming soon to downloads near u.

It’s based on [webkit], which you might [recall] was impressive in many ways.. It has a few other interesting promises, like a brand new javascript engine [which sounds like an excellent target for future hackery] and a simple but sweet isolation concept [tabs are independent processes].

Like anything released from google, people expect it to change the world (now thats some heavy expectation-anxiety) but if nothing else it will be interesting to watch. Their comic intro is fairly comprehensive, and mixes healthy amounts of “eureka” with “this is still a hard problem“.

I like the promise of the cartoon.. but the addition of [built in] [google gears] integration makes me think that this snippet might not be as true as the cartoon dude would have liked.. Ahh.. so much fiddling.. so little time..