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Should I stay or should I Gobi? Your support needed!

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Some of you might remember that I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro two years ago. What you might not know is the REASON I did this (apart from the jol) was to o raise funds for CNCF, a Foundation that is a true oasis and a refuge to the street children of Vietnam and Mongolia.
CNCF – The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is an International Partnership of people dedicated to serving children in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training, job placement and the protection of children at risk of economic and sexual exploitation.

I’m involved with a small team of people, mostly from Hong Kong where CNCF is based, that take on endurance events in an attempt to raise money for the foundation. The core team has come together yet again to take on the Gobi March, along with other competitors from Racing the Planet. On 8th June 2008, me and the team will set off to cover roughly 250 kms in six stages over seven days, all the while carrying their own gear, food and clothing in a backpack. Team members are meeting their own expenses so that all funds received go directly to the children in our care in Vietnam and Mongolia.

A portion of the funds raised will go towards the Give-A-Ger Programme there – which provides a traditional family tent, or Ger (pronounced “gear”) to children and families who are in danger of becoming homeless due to inadequate or dangerous housing. A Ger not only provides immediate shelter, but hope for the future to those who have not been given the opportunities in life that most of us take for granted.

I’d really appreciate any help you can offer in raising funds for this important cause. Again – I will be covering all my own costs – anything you contribute will go straight to the foundation and the underprivileged children of Vietnam and Mongolia.

If you’re interested in learning more you can visit the following websites:

The race: http://www.4deserts.com/gobimarch/

CNCF:     http://www.cncf.org/

Our efforts: http://gobi.cncf.org/en/about_the_event.php

Sponsor Us! http://gobi.cncf.org/en/donation.php

Or mail me if you have any questions!

Our Kilimanjaro trip raised about HKD 2,100,000 (USD 270,000 or ZAR 2,000,000). Please consider making a contribution towards this worthy cause.

With thanks