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Two pointless excuses to post two pictures..

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a) At the end of the year we usually end up getting geek-gifts.. from SensePost, to SensePost.. Last years iPod nano’s were always going to be a tough act to follow.. but i think the picture says it all:

(click pic for clearer view)

I know for those across the pond its probably going to sound 3rd world, but i was genuinely suprised at how life-changing GPS technology is.. Of course, it brings the usual geek side effects (other than people playing with Pimp my GPS). I.e. we noticed the other day that in the car park before going home, everyone was busy fiddling with their GPS units.. so suddenly, a bunch of reasonably intelligent folks who used to make the commute to the office and home daily for about 3 years need instructions on how to do it *sigh*

b) About a week ago i blogged about connecting “gurgle” to my tv.. Running the VGA cable through the tiny hole in the wall (2 of them actually) seemed like a good idea to hide the cable mess.. “No problem” i said.. i simply bought 2 VGA cables, cut the heads off of one of them, and proceeded to reconnect the cables at the other side of the wall….. Have you seen a cross section of the VGA cable?? its 15 tiny cables of varying thickness (though all about as delicate as the pairs you see in a standard ethernet cable). One plaster, Some solder and a lot of patience later, im truly suprised to see that it actually works.. (i just wont reccomend this course of action to anyone.. Get a drill.. make a bigger hole!)