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Veni, Vidi, Damni

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At last years BlackHat USA a bunch of us played some American geeks a game of late night parking lot football.. Our victory there, and the 6 months of victorious memories from that night filled us with enough false self confidence to take on the SBG guys last night..

While several of us are claiming altitude differences as the root cause of the bad result, those in the game with a keener eye (and longer memory) will long recall that the (almost) final kick of the match was a missed opportunity to equalise that could have been scored by my grandmother (with her wooden leg). (we will not name the culprit who missed this gift-wrapped goal, because i dont want to people to know it was me)

So.. with the final score on the actual scoreboard a sad blinking 7-8.. we must concede that the better team on the day won.. the guys were obviously:


(Thanks for the game.. it was great.. next time we will drop that mh monkey and have a real shot at victory!)