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We going to sue and make Squillions…..

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or maybe not…
The twitters informed me that Singe uncovered a case of brand plagiarism!!!1!


So lets review..

  1. the logo looks shockingly the same
  2. they no doubt, behind closed doors refer to themselves as SP too
  3. just based on their staff numbers, they probably have 16 good looking people there too!

i had the lawyers lined up but decided to dig more info. on them first..

We opened doors in 2000, and i was hoping to find proof of these copycats having started like 2 weeks after us.. hmmm..

According to wikipedia: “Schering-Plough Corporation (NYSE: SGP) is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1851” + has “Revenue US$ 12.69 billion (2008)”

Archive.org shows the logo in use at least back in 2000

Bah! looks like we will have to make our money some other way!