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Windows servers are now a (beta) option on Amazon Ec2

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EC2 is now out of beta, and supports windows based ANI’s. [Big Day for EC2]

EC2 blows my mind, and from a bazillion miles away, i was truly surprised the Amazon got the jump on Google/MSFT/Apple/* with their offerings..


PS. how i managed to write on this as opposed to the [Stack based, pre-auth, wormable windows RPC overflow is anyones guess]

PPS. Actually.. in part its because im miffed. I just wrote a diatribe on how the fact that we werent goign to see another code-red / worm scare anytime soon was going to hurt us (ala aitel.owasp08) and this bug shuts me up for a bit – stay tuned for “is the industry still running on code-red?”