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2 pieces of coolness…

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a) was the politely dropped kaminsky firefox bug [http://lists.grok.org.uk/pipermail/full-disclosure/2009-September/070620.html]

It still requires a click for command execution, but considering its multi platform firefox ownage sans shellcode, i think its cool.. i think its even cooler that dan dropped it sans any fanfare..

b) has to be Pusscat‘s attack on the SMBv2 Remote bug published on [the VRT blog..]

From the post:

we get lucky here as well in that there is a pointer srv!pSrvStatistics which also points to srvnet!SrvNetStatistics, and counts the number of requests that have been made to a specific call (as well as other things).

So the technique here is to firstly increment srvnet!SrvNetStatistics to be ffe6, ffd6, or 56c3 (jmp esi, call esi, push esi -> ret). Then we set ProcessHighID to a value that when multiplied by four and added to the base address of ValidateRoutines pushes us outside of srv2.sys and into srvnet.sys where we then end up dereferencing the pointer to srvnet!SrvNetStatistics. This now transfers control to the data in our packet which we can massage to gain execution.