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Comments have been broked :(

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Comments on the blog have been suprisingly quiet and we should have realised this when more and more people started having discussions with us via twitter or email (as opposed to simply saying their piece here).

Short Story:

It was broken, and it should be fixed again. Blame has been assigned and culprits have been whipped appropriately.

Long Story:

Most SensePost’ers interact with the blog through our company-internal blog. This allows us to share top secret information like lolcats without publishing it here. Selected posts are pumped through to public via a plugin inside (which also publishes certain comments / etc).

Comments made on the public blog are routed back into the system automagically through some scripting and some email-fu. This is a reasonable distributed system which allows us to have both internal and external blog fairly painlessly. Of course this sets us up for Lamports law that says something about how a distributed system is one where the failure of a computer you never knew existed can impact you..

At some point our mail server started distrusting emails from our external blog (quite violently). People on the inside never noticed because our comments and conversations were going along happily and we were none the wiser..

(This was further complicated by some measure of broken’ness with one of our plugins that then parses these comments)

At the end of the day, it was pure lameness.. We are sorry if it seemed like we ignored you / your comment.. We were not mean, just stupid!