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Happy New Year! (No predictions.. promise..)

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It’s the last few hours of 2009 here in South Africa so i wanted to take the opportunity really quickly to wish the 2 readers of this blog all the best for new year..

Most security “pundits” are currently doing their 2010 predictions. (although in truth few of them so far have been particularly surprising or out-there.. “Adobe will be brutalized” ? really? hows that different to 08 or 09)(One really has to question how the current whipping boy for exploit writers managed to be a key contributor to Gary McGraws BSIM Model, but i digress)

I’m going to skip the prognostication this time, and instead will go for a new years resolution… From Tim O’ Reilly’s 2003 advice to “Buy where i shop” a little more.. I have previously spoken about @timoreilly’s awesome and life-changing “Work on stuff that matters” talk, and this piece is kinda similar and scarily prescient considering its publish date.

Happy New Years to *