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Only an idiot will install a beta os on his primary phone..

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and i am that idiot…

Developers signed up with Apples Dev Program get to take iPhoneOS3.0 out for a spin, so that the app store can have ver3 apps when the new OS launches.. A quick download (as quick as it gets in South Africa), a prayer (or 10) during install:

and now i too have a phone that can handle cut n paste! (tho admittedly it feels surprisingly fiddly to me at this point).

As an aside. The upgrade seems to have dented the screen resolution slightly.. I have this deja-vu feeling, reminding me of *nix upgrades in the late 90’s which mess up your XFree86.conf file… You are excited about the WM upgrades, but have to admit that the FBdriver isnt working as well as your previous one..

(another aside: the pic above also shows the keyboard in landscape – which is another usability feature many have been waiting for)