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reDuh reVisited…

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We’ve had a number of issues with reDuh and the various server versions published.  Some clients worked with some versions of the server, and didn’t play nicely with others.

I am happy to say that these have all been resolved now.  The single reDuhClient now works with JSP, ASPX and PHP versions of reDuh.  Its been tested on a number of different platforms.

Additionally, the new reDuh client supports some enhancements.  These are:

  • SSL support
  • Proxy support

reDuhClient is now packaged in jar format, and it’s command line options differ to some extent.  It’s command syntax is as follows:

c:\> java -jar reDuhClient.jar

Usage: java reDuhClient [URL-to-reDuh] <proxy-host:proxyport>

e.g. (HTTP) : java reDuhClient http://www.compromised.com/reDuh.jsp
e.g. (HTTPS): java reDuhClient https://www.compromised.com/reDuh.jsp
e.g. (PROXY): java reDuhClient https://www.compromised.com/reDuh.jsp proxy-server:3128

As always, client and server components are available from  http://www.sensepost.com/research/reDuh/