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Removing registration requirements

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Over the years we’ve offered almost all our tools, papers, presentations and other materials for free, albeit with a “registration required” proviso. The registration wall has been in place for some time now, and was used to track unique users as well as permit users to opt into SensePost mailruns. What we found though, is that registration is more of a hindrance than a benefit; it creates an artificial barrier with little reward. The data isn’t that useful to us and the added steps just an extra annoyance for users, and we wanted to streamline things a little.

To that end, we’ve remove the registration requirement from our site. All our tools, papers, presentations and other materials are now available for direct download without any registration needed. Go ahead, grab a copy of Wikto. Our main research page is here.

Of course, we still have all those registrations along with email addresses and so on. For those users who chose not to receive mail, we’ll purge your details entirely from our database. Only if you opted into mailruns will we retain your address.

Hopefully this makes your experience on our site a little less bothersome!