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SensePost at BlackHat USA 2010

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A brief update from South Africa on some recent talks as well as the upcoming BH USA: our talk proposal has been accepted for BH USA 2010 which makes it the ninth year running that SensePost is talking in Las Vegas. One more and we qualify for free milkshakes at the Peppermill. This year we’ll be discussing caching in large scale web apps and why exposing caches to the interwebs is a Very Bad Thing. We’ll also be looking at caching services, an idea whose time should never come.

This is a follow-on to last year’s talk on hacking cloud providers; which was subsequently the topic of invited talks at TROOPERS10, CSI Filter, a BH Webcast and IS Labs. The talk generated much interest and we got fair mileage from it. This year’s talk is a natural extension; we’re poking at some of the technologies used under the hood to build large apps in the cloud.

Finally, mandatory shameless training plug (or I get fired): we’re also training in Vegas. training@sensepost.com for more info.