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So long.. and thanks for everything..

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Considering how freely i’ve ranted on our blog over the past few years i found it incredibly hard to to write this post. SensePost has been my home for the better part of a decade and i have been haroon@sensepost.com much more than i have been haroon meer.

In truly boring last post manner i wanted to quickly say thanks to everyone for making it such a fun ride. From the awesome people who took a chance on us when we were scarily young and foolish, to the guys (and girls) who joined us to help make SP elite. From the many customers who tolerated my sloppy dressing to Secure Data Holdings who have been awesome in every interaction we have ever had with them. From the people who have used our tools, read our work and contributed ideas to the people who read this blog (Hi Mom!).

Seriously.. thanks muchly!

It’s been an awesome 10 years and with the quality of guys that remain at SensePost, it’s a safe bet that the next 10 are going to be even better..

The question that everyone asks me is “what now?”. The short answer still has 2 parts..

  • I’m going to take a vacation.. (a short one, but im hoping to spend a week or 2 re-introducing myself to family members who vaguely recall me..)
  • I’m going to be starting in a new direction, with [thinkst]

I won’t go into tremendous detail here on thinkst (for that you will have to read/subscribe to my ramblings on http://blog.thinkst.com) – but the overarching hope is to focus slightly differently..

With Penetration Testing and Research over the past while I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to find new ways to break stuff, and new ways to break into stuff.. (it’s been incredibly fun!)

I’m hoping now to be able to aim the same sort of bull-headedness at defending stuff, and at building solutions that give applications and networks a fighting chance.

I’ll still pop in occasionally at the SensePost offices (mainly to have the coffee and lose at foosball), and my relationship with Secure Data Holdings also remains intact (Other than our historical relationship, Thinkst is doing some consulting work for SDH, making them our first customer!). Hey.. you might even still find me bending your ear on this blog..

So.. all that remains is to say thanks again.. it’s been amazingly fun, incredibly rewarding and “rockingly leet”