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Happy New Year gift: source code!

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If you use the Gregorian Calendar, then Happy New Year! Down here in South Africa, we’ve also ushered in a new year and in celebration SensePost is releasing source code for our in-house web proxy, Suru, under a BSD-style license.

When released in 2006, Suru introduced a number of unique features to the world of inline proxies including trivial fuzzing, token correlation and background directory brute-forcing. Further improvements include timing analysis and indexable directory checks. These were not available in other commercial proxies at the time, hence our need to write our own. Since then, most of these features have been incorporated into more full-featured commercial proxies, negating the need for Suru.

Internally, Suru use has dwindled and at this point the code is in maintenance-only mode. As such, it’s being released to the world along with the rider that the software is end-of-life and unsupported.

Source code is available off the Suru webpageCode will compile cleanly on VS 2005 though you’ll need to add your own certificate in order to get SSL intercepts working.

Have a great year.