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Dont look now, but it seems they broke the Interwebs again..

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Those pesky hackers!

Alex Sotirov (of heap feng shui fame, famous for breaking everything from Vista, to web browsers, to facebook) and Jacob Applebaum (of cold-boot attack fame, and more importantly of “knuth is my homeboy” fame) will be talking in a few hours at the 25c3 conference in Germany and by all accounts its going to be an “Internet Breaker”.

There is a fair bit of speculation on the nature of the bug (though most people some confident that its routing protocol related) and HD Moore has blogged that the pair have sought legal advice pre-publishing.

If i had to, i would take a guess at BGP too, mainly because the talk is labeled “Making the theoretical possible” which was a tagline used by the l0pht back when they were talking about shutting down the internet with BGP related attacks.

The only problem i have with all this, is that it reveals confusion over how we measure “the year” when we award pwnies.. if the talk happens on the last day (just about) of 2008.. Does it count for pwnies 09??