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Where SensePost meets the real world

Reading time: ~5 min
SensePost Training at Blackhat USA What is SensePost infrastructure training about and what does it give you as a novice pentester?...

Something about sudo, Kingcope and re-inventing the wheel

Reading time: ~5 min
Willems and I are currently on an internal assessment and have popped a couple hundred (thousand?) RHEL machines, which was...

EDoS is the new DDoS ?

Reading time: ~1 min
Over at [Rational Survivability] beaker as coined the term EDoS. To describe how “the utility and agility of the cloud...

Dont look now, but it seems they broke the Interwebs again..

Reading time: ~1 min
Those pesky hackers! Alex Sotirov (of heap feng shui fame, famous for breaking everything from Vista, to web browsers, to...

Amazon SimpleDB – Outsource your database??

Reading time: ~2 min
Amazon announced the beta of Amazon SimpleDB without that much fanfare, but it is an interesting trend to watch.. Essentially...