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FW: HBN Extended Edition 9-13 March

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Yes, it is time to offer some technical input by way of our HBN Extended Edition training. There will be no Christmas hat this time round but lots of valued input. We have scheduled our first training course for our new year, Hacking By Numbers – “Extended” Edition – for March 9-13th . The course runs for a full 5 days in Pretoria, South Africa.

The HBN ‘Extended Edition’ is simply an intensive extended version of the regular Bootcamp course. Whilst the content and structure are essentially the same as Bootcamp, the Extended Edition offers students a deeper understanding of the concepts being presented and affords them more time to practice the techniques being taught. Extended Edition is currently only offered in Switzerland and South Africa only, or can be arranged on request.

Who should attend? Information security officers, system and network administrators, security consultants will all benefit from the valuable insights provided by this class. Remember that this course is practical and of an extremely technical nature, so a basic understanding of networking, security, ‘nix and Windows is a course prerequisite.

A registration form can be downloaded from http://www.sensepost.com/hbn_za_registration.pdf

Otherwise please mail training@sensepost.com for more information.