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SensePost’s Training @ Black Hat Vegas ’10 (win something)

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After hearing our talk was accepted at BlackHat, we’re happy to announce that our training will be back for it’s 9th straight run. Speaking of a run, we’re going to be hosting the usual marathon of courses: cadet, bootcamp, combat, web 2.0. But, while the names remain, we’ve spent some time updating the material. In particular, bootcamp, combat & web 2.0 have been through the ringer. We’re hoping to get some detailed info on the updates out in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, check out our BlackHat training page, or sign-up.

In a cheap marketing ploy to introduce our new twitter account and remind people of our training, we’re running one of those retweet competition things on twitter. In short, retweet this tweet, and if you’re going to BH Vegas this year, you could win free attendance to one of our courses of your choice. That’s worth about $2 700 at regular prices. Cheap marketing tricks for us == expensive training for you. We won’t force you to tweet about how good looking we are (we are very good looking), or ask you for you password.