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BlackHat Barcelona Training

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Hola amigos,

We will be running our elite “Combat Training” at the BlackHat Briefings in Barcelona this March (talk lineup) and this course is the flagship of our established Hacking by Numbers series. From the first hour to the final minutes students are placed in different attacker scenarios as they race the clock to “capture the flag”. The trainers are highly skilled (as well as having the standard Southern African humour, looks, and charm) and the course is full of new hacks.

I was involved in the training last year, and I’d highly recommend you come along. The BlackHat vibe was fantastic, the people were great, and the city was bustling. So, if you’re interested in sharpening your skills, and would like to do so in a great environment, click here to sign up for Combat Training.

Other than the course, I’d recommend you see the sights while you’re there. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Barcelona last year. After the civil war the Catalan identity exploded and it’s a nice alternative to the traditional Spanish culture. Whether it’s visiting the last cathedral in the world still under construction, or wandering the Montjuïc hill with breathtaking views, or relaxing by the amazing beaches, Barcelona is a wonderful destination. Also, if you’re lucky, you could catch a game by the best football team in the world.

So, to summarize:

What? Hacking by Numbers, Combat Edition
Where? BlackHat Briefings, Barcelona, Spain
When? March 15-16
Can I still signup? Yes