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You’ve seen the movies. You’ve seen the cooler than life characters hacking systems using obscure keyboards and operating systems that seem to float through the network, so how about now really learning how it’s done?

Hacking by Numbers, Cadet Edition is being presented at Black Hat USA this year by two super star SensePost hackers. This entry-level course will delve into the following topics:

•            Understanding the hacker mind-set.

•            Method based approached of understanding the penetration testing life cycle.

•            Discovering why information really is king when it comes to penetration networks and applications.

•            Understanding how human weakness and behaviour will always ensure systems are vulnerable.

This course helps newcomers to IT security, and penetration testing, in understanding how to get the best out of what is available and also serve as a launch pad into the world of information security.

The course will arm you with basic knowledge of various operating systems currently available as well as the techniques that will allow you to gain valuable information about systems and networks. Instead of flashy Hollywood hacking techniques, you will learn solid methods to attack systems and gain access. This is achieved through practical lessons. Getting deep down and dirty with targets is the only way to learn.

So think you are the next Fyodor or Dino? Join us on the Cadets course and discover your inner hacker. Our next USA course is BlackHat in Vegas, start of August. Registration here.