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Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp Edition

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Salut à tous,

It’s that time of the year again and like every year, we’ll once again be running our ever-popular “BOOTCAMP EDITION” at the BlackHat Briefings in Las Vegas this July-August. This course is part of our established Hacking by Numbers series. BUT, this year, only the name remains the same. We are slaving away at making this course cutting edge, providing you with a hands-on hacking experience on the latest operating systems, application frameworks and programming languages utilizing the latest tools and techniques. Gone are the days of IIS 5.0, Windows XP and we truly understand that [ed: for Bootcamp, maybe… Combat certainly contains an OS older than Win95].

SensePost’s Bootcamp edition will provide you with two days of insight into the hacking world. The course is designed to keep a balance between theoretical knowledge & practical experience. Anyone can read a whitepaper about SQL Injection but unless you’ve exploited it against a real-world application and owned it completely, it all tastes too bland. The Bootcamp spices up the pwning experience.

The training course starts with basics of hacking, the hacker mindset & methodology and quickly moves on to practicalities of modern hacking attacks. Immediately after brainstorming a security concept, the students are placed in different attacker scenarios which have handy pracsheets to guide you (but not answer sheets to spoonfeed). Competition is good and hence we have a few “capture the flag” practicals that’ll provoke you to race against each other to grab that surprise gift.

Our trainers are experienced, patient and well groomed. Having a good sense of humor is a requirement here @SensePost, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep.

So, if you’re looking to explore the world of hacking or move from newbie to competent in a great environment, remember:

Course Name: Hacking By Numbers: Bootcamp Edition
Venue: BlackHat Briefings, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
Dates: July 30-31 & August 1-2 2011
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See you there!!!