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Press Release – London Hacking & Security Courses

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School’s never out for the Pro!

We’re proud to announce that we are now offering our highly successful penetration testing training courses to the UK market from 2012.

SensePost has been providing penetration testing training courses to corporates and governments across the globe, and at prestige security events such as Black Hat and OWASP for over a decade. Initially, three courses in London for 2012 have been organised:

  1. HBN Extended Edition (4 days) – 13-17, February 2012
  2. HBN W^3 Edition (3 days) – 14-16 March 2012
  3. HBN Unplugged (2 days) – 18-19 April 2012

The first course, HBN Extended Edition is set at an introductory level for technical people without experience in the world of hacking or penetration testing. It presents attendees with the background information, technical skill and basic concepts that are required to get started in this field.

The second course, HBN W^3 Edition, is a highly practical, intermediate web application hacking course for those with some experience in security assessment and penetration testing. The course provides a refresher of HTTP and associated technologies before commencing with more advanced level attacks ranging from assessment techniques of traditional web applications, to newer technologies such as AJAX, rich client media and HTML 5.

Finally, the third course, HBN Unplugged Edition, is an entry-level wireless/ wi-fi security training course. With a strong focus on results, the course outlines three broad offensive scenarios for wi-fi hacking and then presents students with the background knowledge, methodologies, tools and thinking skills required to successfully breach security in each of those scenarios.

All the courses are suitable for those responsible for penetration testing and security assessments including Information Security Officers, System and Network Administrators, Security Consultants and Government agents.

We’ve been running these courses successfully for years, and in response to the high demand from our UK clients, who are increasingly looking to improve their in-house skills and capabilities in penetration testing we are now offering them in the UK. With so few companies delivering effective security courses for those responsible for penetration testing and security assessments we knew there was a gap in the marketplace plus a real need.

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